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Teaching Space Utilisation Audit

Posted by Mosaic Space

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At different large universities, staff were briefed to implement regular teaching room audits, but required assistance to set up the audit structures and processes. Yearly audits were needed in order to gauge the effectiveness of timetable software in improving the use of rooms, and to highlight pressure points for future space plans.

Mosaic-Space was appointed to organise the audit process setup, construct a project plan, create audit routes, and put in place the resources needed to efficiency manage the auditing work. Company consultants remained on-site during the initial audit, focussing on the transfer of knowledge to university staff, enabling the institution to conduct future audits without outside assistance.

The company delivered tools to assist with data analysis, extending the collection of raw audit data to include comparison reports of data extracted from other software, for example student administration systems and timetabling information. Mosaic-Space further enhanced the audit activity by performing a trend analysis that gave a deeper understanding of the changes in space usage that were occurring. The ability to compare space utilisation data sourced from physical headcount audit exercises with planning and enrolment information has provided the university with a clear view of future space planning requirements, and the decision support data needed to maximise the use of space in the medium term.

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